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Holtzclaw Family Reunion 2002
Dawson County, GA.

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My direct Holtzclaw line is (me) Scott, Cecil, William Sawtell, George H, James Alexander, John, Martin, Stephen, Joseph, Johann (John), Hans Jacob Holtzclaw, Hans Henrich Holtzklau, Johann - Johannes Holtzklau, Wilhelm Holtzklau, Franz Holtzklau, Johann Holtzklau


Hans Jacob Holtzklau came to America in 1714 He was our American immigrant ancestor. Jacob changed the spelling of our name by signing his will Jacob Holtzclaw.

14 individuals with families totaling 42 persons from the town of Siegen and Muesen in the principality of Nassau-Siegen, Germany to come to Virginia. The First Germanna Colony arrived in Virginia at Tappahannock in the spring of 1714, and then came up the Rappahannock River where they settled 20 miles west of Fredericksburg at a location that would be called Fort Germanna.

The Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia is where you can find Books and information about the first German Colonies in Virginia.





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